We promote independence to our children, so that they become proud of their achievements.

Sensory play

Sensory play is a great way to develop learning. Sensory activities can support lots of development. Exploring through smelling, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting.

Imagination Play

Throughout our activities we support imagination play to promote all the areas of learning.

Free Flow Learning

Our all-weather garden is accessible all year round. Children can explore our well resourced outside activities and are free to play inside or outside through the session.


Creativity is great to develop self expression, confidence, flair, passion and imagination.

Story Telling

Story telling helps to build communication & language development. Early reading, sound, letter recognition through songs, rhymes and stories.

Music & Movement

Music & Movement is part of our daily activities. Moving to music, listening and playing instruments. We use dancing, singing, yoga and parachute games to keep active by practicing our listening and co-ordination skills.

Professional Visits

We enjoy visits from people who help us at preschool. We receive visits from dentist, police and ambulance people. We also enjoy parents and carers joining us to tell the children about their roles and responsibilities.


Environment is very important to us. Each day we learn about the world around us and how we need to take care of our wonderful world. We enjoy learning about our seasons, weather, and changes over time.


Our golden rules help our children to learn about keeping safe, feelings, empathy and how to respect and treat each other with kindness. We also have a golden rule song we sing.

Snack times

Snack times are great times to build on family values, conversations, healthy eating and promoting table manners.


Community is important at preschool. We like to support our local community by fundraising and visits. We also enjoy supporting and learning about our global community with finding out about the places our families visit, or where relatives may live. We enjoy learning about festivals, cultures, authors, artists and the world around us. We also have a sister preschool in China.

Group Learning

Group time learning support the values of being part of a community, turn taking and valuing and respecting each other.

Construction play

Construction play is important at preschool, because by using construction activities children are developing skills to support their early mathematical development. By problem solving and reasoning, learning about space, shape and measures, amounts, weights, size.

Extra curricular activities & home learning

Extra curricular activities & home learning. We have visits from various educational companies to support learning and development. From Jo Jingles, Zoo Lab, Ark Farm, yoga,to cooking.
We regularly send home learning activities to do with your child. We send a weekly newsletter.


We like to find out lots of things before your child joins us with our ‘all about me’, this helps us to tailor your child’s enrolment with us so settling becomes relaxed and everyone feels happy. When it comes to the time your child is moving on, we also have a transition process where we invite school teachers to join us and share information.